A Holistic View

Monopond is committed to your privacy and security and acknowledges protection and privacy is of paramount importance when operating in the capacity we do. We approach this issue end to end. Not how do we just store information, but how do we process it? Where does it go? Who gets to access it?

Data Security

From a data security point of view our systems are protected and secured. As a design feature all our servers and equipment, all the way from the phone line to the email server that sends to the customer are all located together – making interception near impossible. They all sit in a world class data centre facility in Pyrmont, hosted by Verizon – one of the largest and oldest ICT companies in the world. The data centre itself has engineers in a global team dedicated to keeping the entire site up.

Online Payments

All online payments are processed using industry-standard SSL encryption and our payment gateway is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard accredited organisation and a leading Australian payment gateway. All credit card information is not fully displayed on the website and we never ask you to email your credit card details.

Customer Information

As our area of business is specific we work with other external parties who are best in their field. When we do we have standard operating procedures for developing our applications in testing environments with dummy data. This allows our partners and staff the ability to work on the core product without having access to the customer data.

Only What You Need

We only open contents with the express permission of the recipient for support or other authorised purposes. Any other opening of any client data (content of messaging or not) is logged and we encourage users only to supply the information they are comfortable with. All information you have with us can be changed through the UTBox Member Centre at any time – what you see is what we see.

A Dedicated Team

We also conduct our own security audits and management of our own servers, ensuring that only we have access to that data and we can be assured that it is safe as we perform all work on it ourselves.